WordPress Management - Updates, Backups and Hacking Protection

If you’re reading this, then you already know that WordPress is a brilliant system that lets you edit your website with ease. Although 30% of all websites (globally) are powered by WordPress, good WordPress Management (regular updates, backups and hack protection) is often lacking, or non-existent.

If you’re managing the site yourself, you’ve probably also realised that keeping WordPress updated, backed up and running smoothly is a chore. You probably backed it up religiously in the early days, but you’ve started to let it slip, sometimes weeks at a time.

How did you feel the last time you couldn’t access your site?

You’ve probably also had a few scares, where your site went down because of intermittent web hosting or an error with a plugin. These scares quickly remind you how bad it would be if you lost the content of your site. Imagine losing all of your posts, your pages, your images, your PDFs, the YouTube videos you linked to, as well as the trust and loyalty of your subscribers…

Here come the hackers

What’s worse, is when your site is hacked by an automated robot that runs 24/7, built by someone sitting on the other side of the planet whose sole purpose was to install a virus that would capture the personal information of the visitors of your website. Imagine if you were running an eCommerce website where people actually enter their name, address and credit card details on your site!

There’s another type of hacker we’ve come across a lot, they’re typically linked to extremist groups and their sole goal is to hack into your site, delete ALL of your content and replace it with a page that tells all of your visitors about their extremist cause… that’s probably not something you want to be associated with.

Some good news? Nope…

Scary stuff… and the worst bit? Hacking is becoming more and more common. Hacking is simply a fact of life for anyone running a website. In fact, it’s an inevitability that your website will be hacked, it’s just a matter of whether you’re prepared and can recover your site after it happens. That’s right, to a large degree, hacking prevention only gets you so far… even our WordPress management clients get hacked, but the difference is that we’re standing by with a backup that’s often only hours old and we’ve got the know-how to clean up your site and get it back up ASAP.

Q: Isn’t my web designer or hosting company already protecting my site? A: almost always NO!

Unless your web developer/designer is collecting a monthly/annual fee for backing up, updating plugins and protecting your site, then I can almost guarantee they’re not doing it. It’s simply way too much work to be doing for free.

The sad thing is that most of the time, people don’t realise their site isn’t protected until their website goes down and they call the people that built their site. We sincerely hope that’s not why you’re reading this page right now… it’s such a helpless time for people while they wait to hear when their last backup was taken and how much they lost!

Ok, so what now? Tell me about this WordPress Management

For all the reasons above, we’ve put together a WordPress management package that we offer to everyone (no matter who made your website). Our package is extensive and gives you real peace of mind. We don’t muck around with half coverage. Sadly, most of our WordPress management customers have come to us after learning the hard way.

To be clear, our packages include regular plugin updates, WordPress updates, malware scans and of course backups. We’d backup your site to a secure server, so if worst comes to the worst we can always restore your site from our latest backup.

As mentioned, we only offer one plan. It’s extensive and gives you peace of mind that when everything has gone to hell, you can call us and know that someone’s getting it sorted!

Our WordPress Management service costs $79.95 per month. If protecting your website is important to you and you want to learn more, please call Matt (0409 911 922) or use the contact form below.


Note to those people that took ownership of their website and just left it to manage itself: you might be thinking: “I don’t even know if my website is on WordPress… and if it is, I’m pretty certain that no one is doing regular updates and backups, nor protecting it from hackers!” You can definitely be forgiven for not being on top of this. You’re busy running and building your business, so handling the technical side of your website is probably not worth your time. Don’t be afraid to contact us, we can tell you whether your site is built on WordPress and give you some options for protecting it.

Contact us about protecting your website

Good WordPress Management is vital. Sincerely… you’re welcome to contact us for advice, even if you’re sure you won’t buy our service… it breaks our heart to tell people without a WordPress Management service, that there’s no way to recover their website.