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We realise building a website can be a daunting prospect. Here you’ll find some of the more common questions we’re asked. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact us here.

Yes, international customers are welcome however English is the only language we’re fluent in. The majority of communication takes place via email. We typically Skype with international customers to ensure their costs are kept to a minimum. What is Skype? It’s software which enables people to communicate for free, via their computer, anywhere there is internet access.
Cash or direct bank deposit is preferred, but we’re happy to accept payment through the same PayPal payment system we implement into client websites, allowing payment using credit card, bank card or PayPal balance transfer. We are also prepared to accept payment via Bitcoin.
Your search rank is where your website appears in Google search results for a particular search term. Example: Your website sells rare sports trading cards. When someone searches “cricket trading cards”, through Google.com.au, there are 400 websites Google could show on the first page. Google chooses to show the top 10 they think are most relevant to the term searched. Google determines the relevance of the pages on your website by considering the headings, text, images, videos and other SEO elements on your pages + the quality and quantity of the links pointing to your pages. If your website isn’t appearing on the first page of Google for key search terms, give us a call and we’ll analyse your site, and link profile, explain what can be done.
Originally, websites were created as a collection of static files linked together. Everyone was shown the exact same site no matter what country they were in or type of device they were using. Updating these sites was incredibly painful as a change to the design would require each file to be updated individually (this was fine if your website was a total of 4 pages, but a nightmare if you had 100s of pages of content). An e-commerce site would require many hundreds of hours of work as each product would have to have its own page made for it. Developers identified the huge inefficiency and created ‘dynamic’ programming languages which allowed web pages to adapt according to the needs of the person viewing them. E-commerce sites benefited from these innovations because it was only necessary to create one ‘dynamic’ product page, linked to a database, to display an unlimited number of products. A truly ‘dynamic’ website is infinitely scalable without any need for reprogramming. We always build dynamic sites, in fact, we always build sites built on a content management system, which allows our clients to make changes to their website without incurring further development costs.
Yes, a growing number of clients have come to us with the need for a bespoke system to run their business. We’ve built systems that manage teams of solar installers, teams of freelance writers and a fully web-based booking system for dog accommodation. Unlike many web agencies, if you have a custom project that you’ve never seen done before, we have the expertise to build it.
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