Basic Website Package

Basic Website Package

There’s rarely a one-size-fits-all website package that’s going to perfectly fit the needs of your business, however, we’ve tried to outline what you can expect for an outlay of around $1500.

3 web pages custom designed to your specifications

You explain your business, what you want your website to achieve and any ideas you’ve had about the colours and layout of the site. We’ll sketch our interpretation of what you want and send it to you. You decide on final adjustments and we lock-in the design. This package is perfect for businesses or individuals wanting a web presence which is searchable in Google and has contact information, location details and an explanation of your business.

Did you know that the Google search engine receives an average of 97 searches for “hairdresser” per day? or that “bakery” receives a huge 257 searches per day and there are only a few bakery websites targeting each suburb? Your business doesn’t need to have anything to do with the internet to still benefit from a listed website.

The web address of your choice

A web address (A.K.A. Domain Name) should be as short as possible, easy to say and typically only useful words (no slang or words which could be spelt a number of ways). You want to be able to verbally say your web address to someone once and have them recall it at a later date without error. If you are an Australian business we suggest you choose a ‘’ or ‘’ domain rather than just ‘.com’, as customers typically trust that you are actually an Australian business.

5 email accounts including webmail logon

Say you chose ‘’ as your web address, you can have 5 names ending in ‘’ as email addresses. For example ‘’. Extra email accounts are $15 per year. You will also get the webmail logon page which lets you and your staff check email securely from any computer in the world.

1 year of website hosting

Your website will be hosted by a third party company to ensure your website is fast and accessible 99% of the time. We will manage the hosting so you have someone to contact when you have an issue or need something fixed.

Google submission + site statistics

Why have a site when no one can find it? Your site will be listed in Google searches approximately 10 days after it is launched. Your site statistics will be tracked for free by Google Analytics so you can see where your visitors are coming from, how many are returning visitors, what they are searching for and how long they are staying. You will be given a username and password to view the statistics as well as an explanation on interpreting them.

Unlimited FREE alterations to text on your website

This feature is explained in depth on the ‘self update‘ page. Essentially, you’ll be able to login to the content management system and make changes to your site content.

Email/Newsletter subscription or contact form

This pack includes 1 form which visitors to your site can fill in to send you information.
Form examples:

  • a. Let visitors send you an email from your website.
  • b. Let visitors send you their email address to join to your discounts/special offers mailing list.
  • c. Let visitors request a quote for your products or services.

You are sent an email whenever a visitor uses the form on your website. The email will contain all the details collected from the form. Necessary fields like ’email address’, ‘suburb’ or ‘phone number’ can be made mandatory to ensure you never lose a lead because a visitor forgets to enter their key details.

Ongoing fees

There are only two required ongoing fees for websites. The first is $17 per year for Domain (website address) ownership. The second is website hosting which is $150.00 per year and is on fast Australian servers. Therefore the cost to you to keep your site active each year after the first is $167.00. Should you wish to change the design of your site or add web pages; we’ll give you a quote based on the complexity of the changes you desire. There are optional ongoing fees. Our clients often want support with search engine optimisation or help with their AdWords (online marketing) campaign.


Click contact to hear more and have one of our developers explain the process and the latest techniques we can apply to the site.

^^ Google search keyword tracking data is provided by Google AdWords.
Note: When you have a site designed by us you are not under any form of contract and therefore can take your site including source files elsewhere at any time, however, you will not be refunded and will be expected to pay any outstanding invoices.

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