Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

Position #1 gets ~38% of all visitors

Just launching a website for your company is simply not enough. You need your website to be seen in order to generate sales and/or leads. Simply having an active website for your company does not mean that when people search for your area of business, you will automatically appear in front of them. This is where Search Engine Optimisation (“SEO”) comes in.

What is Search Engine Optimization SEO?

Search engine optimization is a process aimed towards increasing your company’s website position within search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. SEO works to make your company website appear higher on search engines for specific keywords, as determined by you (with a little help from us). This is done to improve the amount of traffic you receive and increase your market share via increased exposure. Research has shown that people, when searching for something, rarely look at search results beyond the first page. In fact, with a sample of over 8 million clicks, 94% of users chose a link on the first page of google and less than 6% chose to look beyond the first page. The first position on google is said to get roughly 35-38% of clicks, with each position below diminishing exponentially. As you can see there is significant importance in being on the first page of search results.

Who needs SEO?

By not being amongst the top 10 you can see the detrimental impact on your prospective market. Typically smaller businesses don’t have the resources to perform in search results, but a little money spent the right way will allow you to contend and often beat out larger competitors. There’s no point in having a website if you don’t have any visitors, so the bottom line is that every website owner should be focusing on improving their search performance.

What are the risks and should I trust the “SEO Pro’s” that email me?

No, the SEO environment is constantly changing. So much so that if you employ old "black-hat" techniques, you’re almost certain to have your site black-listed by Google (removal from search results). Also, Google is getting smarter; it used to be that you could submit your site to thousands of business directories and you’d shoot to the front of Google due to the sheer number of links pointing to your site. Nowadays, those links will actually hurt your ranking, as they’re perceived as low-value, and spammy. Quality content and relevant links are the new way to successfully build your search rank. Many so called “SEO Professionals” will outsource your link building to countries with cheaper labour, and this typically diminishes the quality of the content being generated – often to the point of hurting your site.

We understand that obtaining a new customer is much harder than selling to an existing one, and for that reason we seek instead to create long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with all of our clients. Once you experience the business benefits of dominating a particular keyword, we know you’ll be back to target the rest.

What results can I expect?

Google’s goal is to provide the most appropriate results for their users, which means there’s no quick way to get to the first page, but through ethical link-building and white-hat (Google Accepted) techniques, we can help you build your rank. Many of our clients reach the first page of Google for a number of keywords in as little as 2 months.

Why should I trust MC Web Design with my SEO?

Because we’re young and we stay on the cutting edge of Google’s search algorithms. We want results just as much as you, so we keep communication honest and relevant. We strive to over-deliver on every project, and we believe that’s why our clients keep coming back. In the end, all you need to see is some proof of our work. Perhaps you’d like to search Google for the following keywords, you’ll notice plenty of sites from our profile page: personalised candles, driveways, personalised jewellery, exposed aggregate, free mobile polls, linear actuators. Please contact us for more examples.

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