_About_ MC Web Design

About MC Web Design

We started MC Web Design for one reason

We started MC Web Design after realising the current advertising/web design agency model is broken.

Charging huge fees to have a “creative” come up with a design that may more may not convince people to call your business, or buy your product, just feels so wrong to us.

What we realised is that “creatives” can make things look great, but great looks generally don’t result in leads and sales.

We take a data driven approach to web design. We use data collected from our existing client websites, to work out what features and content has the biggest impact on getting new visitors and customers.

Of course, your site still has to look stunning, it’s just that in our book, looks are secondary to results.

So what about those huge fees we mentioned? We’ve cut those out too. We operate a very lean model that means we don’t have an office, we operate remotely and conduct meetings in cafes, restaurants, client businesses and sometimes their homes. We don’t have receptionists, we don’t have a sales team. You’ll deal with one person, who just happens to be the designer and developer.

Some of our clients