SEO for Doctors

SEO for Doctors

Generate more leads and awareness

Are you a self-employed Doctor/GP looking to increase your volume of patients?
Do you have a website already, but are looking to take it to the next level?
You’ve no doubt heard that position 1 on Google gets 36% of all clicks. Did you know that the top 3 spots get 60% of all clicks? Is your site in the top 5 for keywords with strong search volume?

How much would another 10 or 20 high quality leads, per week, mean to your clinic? How about 30 or 40? How much more time could you devote to building your business, or doing something else you love, if you had targeted leads coming in daily, with no effort on your part? That’s the what having your website high in Google search results means.

We’re experts at getting websites to the top few spots of search results. We closely monitor the traffic to your site and use cutting-edge conversion optimisation to ensure you’re converting as many visitors into leads as possible.

Our SEO for doctors service isn’t cheap. You just can’t get away with dodgy link-building tactics anymore and we refuse to do it. International SEO companies, that probably contact you on a daily basis, aren’t able to provide the quality links and content that’s required get your website a good ranking. If you have to choose between cheap international SEO and none, choose none. Seriously, they’ll ruin your link profile and you’ll have to start again on a whole new domain name.

We don’t provide guarantees. We don’t promise rankings. Google can’t always be tamed. We will tell you up-front how hard we think it’s going to be to rank your site, but no one can be sure until they try to do it. If an SEO or marketing company is guaranteeing a ranking, they’re either going after easy keywords (which won’t increase your visitors much), or they’re using a tactic that might get you to the top initially, but will get you banned from Google shortly after (Google is ruthless when it find people trying to manipulate the rankings – and they’re constantly looking).

This page explains SEO a little more, including our approach to SEO for doctors, but in short: We build links and content in a natural way. It’s not the quickest way to number one but it’s steady, powerful and in our experience, it’s your best chance at protecting your website from a penalty while dominating the rankings in your niche.

Many of our clients came to us after working with the major providers that promised high performing SEO for doctors but actually used old, cheap and spammy SEO tactics. Our clients found their previous providers shady and evasive when questioned about performance. We’re a company that is transparent about performance, results and tactics, and one that will protect your business and brand.

Think of our SEO for doctors fee like the modern version of buying an ad in the Yellow Pages. It’s a marketing expense and it pays for itself by bringing in new customers.

On that note, if you’re still paying for ads in the Yellow Pages, you should probably consider stopping… If you were to spend that money on SEO or Google Ads, you’ll be able to track the performance of that advertising. Online advertising is incredibly sophisticated: Say you spend that $1200 Yellow Pages money on search ads, you might get 1200 people clicking through to your website ($1.00 per click). You can then track how many of those people use your contact form, sign-up, buy a product or tap a phone number. Imagine knowing that for every $100 you spend, you get 5 new paying customers. As long as you can generate more than $101 of profit from them, you’re laughing. That’s when you can refine your marketing and scale it up to generate tonnes of work/profit. If you want to pursue something like this, check out our Digital Marketing page, we can get you up and running and even refine your campaigns for you.

We’d like to work with you to increase your leads/sales through SEO and conversion optimisation. We love talking about this stuff, so if you’re interested, give us a call or send us an email (button below).

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