SEO for Surgeons

SEO for Surgeons

More leads & Awareness

Are you just starting your private practice, or have you been at it a while but would like to get more patients?
You’ve probably heard that position 1 on Google gets 36% of all clicks. Did you know that the top 3 spots get 60% of all clicks? If you’re not in the top 5, you might as well be invisible…Does your website rank in the top 5 when people search [your specialisation] surgeon?

How much would another 5 or 10 high quality leads per week mean to your business? How about 20 or 30? How much more time could you spend doing other things you love, if you didn’t have to take every lead that comes in? Google could provide you with a steady stream of targeted leads coming in on a weekly basis, with no effort on your part. Would you prefer to be able to refer the low-value, or painful, patients to someone else and keep the most lucrative to yourself? Or, you could just operate on them all and buy an island or something. That’s the reality (ok, maybe not the island) of having your website high up in Google.

We’re experts at getting our clients to the top few spots of search results. Our work doesn’t stop there, we closely monitor the traffic to your site and use cutting-edge conversion optimisation to ensure you’re converting as many visitors into leads as possible.

We’re the first to admit, our service isn’t cheap. Gone are the days where you can get away with dodgy link building tactics. The India-based SEO companies, that no doubt contact your website on a daily basis, just aren’t able to provide the quality links and content that’s required to boost your site up the ranks – That’s probably why they’re getting desperate and bombarding your inbox. We understand that your reputation and public perception is vitally important to you and your business, so we’re careful to protect our clients at all costs.

We don’t provide guarantees, or promise rankings, Google is a fickle beast that can’t always be tamed. If an SEO company is prepared to guarantee performance, they’re either targeting easy keywords (which won’t meaningfully increase your visitors), or they’re using a tactic that might get you to the top for a short while, but will quickly get you banned from Google completely (Google is ruthless when they find people trying to game the rankings – and they’re constantly looking).

This page explains SEO a little more, including our approach, but in short: We build links and content in a natural way. It’s not the fastest way to the top – it’s strong, steady and is your best chance at protecting your site from a penalty while dominating search results.

Many of our clients came to us after working with shoddy providers that promised the world but used dated tactics, under delivered and were condescending and evasive when questioned. These businesses ditched their dodgy SEO providers and gave us a chance to show them what working with an ethical SEO company is like. A company that is transparent about performance, results and tactics, and one that will protect your business at all costs.

Our clients think of our SEO fee like the modern version of buying an ad in the Yellow Pages. It’s a marketing expense and it pays for itself by bringing in new customers. This isn’t a great example for a surgeon, I’m guessing you’re probably not advertising in the Yellow Pages, but you get the idea.

We’d like to work with you to increase your leads/sales through SEO and conversion optimisation. We love talking about this stuff, so if you’re interested, give our pro Matt a call on 0409 911 922 or send us an email (button below).

Seriously though, if you’re paying for ads in the Yellow Pages, you should consider stopping… If you spend that money on SEO or Google Ads, you’ll be able to track the performance of that advertising. Online advertising is incredibly sophisticated: Say you spend that $1200 Yellow Pages money on online ads; 1200 people click your ad ($1.00 per click) and are sent to your website. You can then track how many of those people use your contact form (or do some other task). Imagine knowing that for every $100 you spend, you receive 5 new paying customers… as long as you can generate more than $20 profit from each of them, you’re ahead. That’s when you scale it up to generate tonnes of work/profit. If you want to pursue something like this, let us know, we can get you up and running and even refine your campaigns for you.

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