Chris Excel Asphalt

My name is Chris from Excel Asphalt i would like to share my website SEO experience in the hope that it may help other businesses from going through the same problems. We decided to build our first website back in 2011, our preference was always to employ the same company to build the website and to do the SEO. After much research we decided to go with a company based in Richmond that featured prominently on Google for the search term Web design Melbourne. After taking almost twice as long as agreed to build the website, shocking communication and numerous mistakes we decided we need to have the SEO done by another company.

We employed a large South Yarra based company that was the top ranking company on Google for the search term SEO Melbourne, how could we go wrong right? After a few months we found out the company was using illegal tactics that could have had our website penalized by Google, so once again we had to look for another SEO company.

This time we decided that we needed to take a different approach, so we decided to use a smaller company once again featuring on the first page of Google in the hope we might get a better more personal service. For the first few months everything was going well then suddenly to our horror our website had disappeared of the face of any search engine. The SEO Company blamed the hosting company and vice versa, and after about 2 months we still didn’t have any way of generating income. Finally after talking to many people who were more interested in lining their own pockets than help us with our predicament, we found out that the SEO Company had created hundreds of illegal links to our website and we had been penalized by Google.

After being told that our website my never recover from the penalty, we decided have another website built and thank god we found Matt at MC Web Design. Not only did Matt build us our magnificent new site, which we targeted towards the Melbourne area, he also fixed our old website and focused it on the Mornington Peninsula. Both websites are currently up the top for our main search terms.

In an industry that is full of minefield for the unsuspecting business owner, Matt stands out like a beacon of light in a room full of sharks. He actually delivers on all the promises that other companies only use as slogans to get people’s money.

I honestly don’t know where we would be now if we hadn’t decided to go with Matt, and for the first time i can actually focus on running my business knowing that everything else is in great hands.

Chris | Excel Asphalt