PDF and XLS Generator

PDF and XLS Generator

A number of clients have come to us with legacy accounting and enterprise resource planning systems that they need to integrate with new systems. We’ve created a number of scripts designed to bridge the gap between old and new systems. In other cases, clients want to extract data and format it in a way that’s easy to analyse and manipulate. An example of this follows.

We develop scripts that will allow you to quickly generate invoices, receipts and reports from your existing database, or a new one, and automatically email them to a client. Part of our focus is to develop safeguards that ensure the correct file, and it’s data, is always sent to the correct client, thus removing the potential for human error. All emailed reports are recorded in a database to ensure an appropriate data trail is kept.

Why not integrate one of these scripts into your website payment processing system, that way you can automatically send a professional and targeted receipt to the customer as soon as payment is received.

Do you already have a web database and want the ability to generate reports not currently offered by your system? We can integrate scripts into your existing system to allow you to generate those reports, how and when you want.

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