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Canine Nannies

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This Australian business provides a great alternative to dog boarding kennels. This service allows people to have their dog stay at the home of a canine nanny. This site is quite simple from the outside, however, the back-end is a completely custom database allowing the site owners to manage all nannies, clients and their respective bookings. Booking confirmation emails, activity summaries other notifications are all dispatched from the custom content management system.

Tall Tallula

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Tall Tallula is a new business devoted to fulfilling the needs of tall women. The site accepts both Australian and international customers. Built around a purpose built Content Management System, this site has extensive product management functionality to ensure the owner can manage their products quickly and easily.

Girl Boutique

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Highly dynamic and infinitely scalable, this site actively tracks stock quantity using an elaborate Instant Payment Notification script. Visually the aim of the site was to appear basic and functional, the client wanted the site to portray a sense of “good value” onto the visitor. The basic navigation and images have been successful in achieving this.

Duff Norton

Duff Norton Australia is a leading linear motion supplier. This website has an extensive product management database component, which is used to manage and present over 50 products and their supporting documents. The site has been developed to be highly SEO friendly, to ensure maximum leverage of Google’s potential to increase visibility and exposure.

Personalise Jewellery For Mum

Personalised Jewellery For Mum is a brand new site selling personalised, hand stamped jewellery. Built on a completely custom Content Management System, which incorporates an online store platform. The website has full control over products, including the options individual products can have. Credit card payments are accepted via the secure PayPal payment system and orders are managed via the back-end interface.

Personalised Candles and Gifts

This online shop, specialising in beautiful handmade candles, offers visitors the opportunity to choose a predetermined candle design or create a fully customised candle design, from scratch, using the ‘Candle Stylist’ simulator. The simulator was programmed in Javascript, rather than flash, to ensure extensive compatibility; including mobile devices such as the iPhone. The site employs a custom Content Management System, giving the site owners easy, intuitive and comprehensive control over content, product offerings, pricing, the simulator and more.

Mystery to Mastery

A complete re-design of the original website to bring the Mystery to Mastery brand inline with Web 2.0 standards, practices and user expectations. This project involved the creation of a multimedia rich website as well as the development of an interactive eBook. The eBook contains MP3s, Videos, a metronome and progress monitor, as well as a host of security features that prevent printing and account sharing. The Content Management System has been implemented to enable the owners to edit the website content; upload videos, photos and MP3s; manage products for sale in the online store and create future ebooks. This was a completely custom build, including the payment processing and order management. The site has been highly successful and is a go-to location for both free and paid trumpet advice.


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Voo Pty Ltd felt it was time for a change after the release of new products to their range. While the layout has not changed a great deal, the coding has been completely overhauled and a basic CMS has been created to allow product detail changes and pricing updates. An Instant Payment Notification(IPN) script to allow their merchant account (The system used to allow credit card payments etc.) to update the database instantly as sales are made. This script allows Voo to keep a close eye on stock levels, customer details and sales revenue.

Beautiful Candles

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A website devoted to selling beautiful personalised candles, allows visitors to design their own special candle using the candle simulator. The site uses a custom Content Management System, giving the site owners easy, intuitive and comprehensive control over content, products and more.